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“During sex with the kunyaza technique, the man can stimulate almost all genital erogenous zones of the woman.  The clitoris and the distal urethra which are regarded as the focus of female orgasm function and which form a common tissue cluster are stimulated by vertical, horizontal and zigzagging movements of the glans of the manhood. The two first organs…

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The Tip of the Iceberg

The clitoris as most people currently understand it at this stage in human evolution is only just the small external visible part of a much bigger and mainly internal erectile organ that relatively few people know about (that’s right, women have erections too, but most of it taking place internally instead!), which also has what we…

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Vaginal/vulval massage techniques

To get things going, here’s a great video by Candace Johnson about some game-changing massage techniques that is sure to bring your lovemaking skills to the next level.  We hope this knowledge will eventually start to spread far and wide in our society—human sexuality is a due for a major upgrade. (Be sure to also read our posts about clitoral…

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