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Implosion of pure bliss

“When I am riding on top and move my hips back and forth (instead of up and down) my cervix gets massaged in a rhythmical stroking manner.  I get hotter and hotter.  My womb burns with passion and I feel like I’m one step from this implosion of pure bliss.  It’s that point where no-mind is involved, just pure surrendering into this sensation without any fear of the void.  I use my breath to let go of my obstacles, the barriers within myself that want to take control.  I breathe in deeply, and move my spine in a wave-like movement.  BAM!  It’s moving upwards, in a seemingly endless flow.  It’s not a peak, it’s an expansion of joy!  I could go on forever…” (…) “In Taoist reflexology the cervix is the heart point in women. When this center is being massaged we often react through emotions. Some women feel pain, and have the need to cry, some women feel joy and have the need to laugh. Whatever lies in our heart, it wants to express itself.”

Mariah Freya


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Mariah Freya • October 8, 2014

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