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Kim Anami about cervical orgasms

“If the clitoral orgasm is more physical and the G-spot orgasm more emotional, then the cervical orgasm is the deepest and most transcendent of them all.  Taoists consider it to be the ultimate peak of pleasure.  In Taoist thinking, the cervix is the reflexology point for the heart.  Stimulating it creates intense emotional release.

Some scientists claim this elusive orgasm does not exist.  Some of the most pleasurable and profound experiences, such as love or spiritual ecstasy, are hard to document in a lab.  Does this mean they don’t exist? As a woman who has had some phenomenal cervical orgasms that eclipse all others, I’m saying they do.

When I try to describe what a cervical orgasm is like, I tell people it’s like being on ecstasy.  It’s a whole-body shimmer, a high that spreads out so everything feels delicious and I radiate for days afterward.  Every touch, every word, every interaction becomes exquisite.”

Kim Anami

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Highlands Labs • December 1, 2014

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