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Notes from Desmond Heath (1984)

“Times have changed.  A new climate of opinion appears to have allowed a dormant idea to arise spontaneously, as if new, in more than one place at a time.  In 1978 Sevely and Bennett reported the historical existence of female ejaculation.  Belzer took up their suggestion and set out to determine if female ejaculation, that apparently existed in the past, still existed.  He, with others (Addiego et al., 1980; Addiego et al., 1981; Belzer, 1981; Perry & Whipple, 1981a, 1981b), forced the idea on a skeptical scientific community by reporting their research.  They started with the historical reports of female ejaculation and came to link this function with the gland of origin of the ejaculate, the female prostate.  The erogenous nature of the urethra, reported by Dickinson (1949) and the erogenous area of the anterior wall of the vagina, reported by Grafenberg (1950) was recognized.  Ladas, Whipple, and Perry (1982) added to the momentum.  They reported not only on female ejaculation and the erogenous zone in the anterior vaginal wall but recognized Kegel’s (1953) work on the relation between the pelvic floor musculature and female orgasmic response. Without these workers and their unnamed associates, this paper would, I think, have been once more rejected.  These matters are far from settled.”

Source: http://scholar.google.com/scholar?cluster=15326145283270669753

Desmond Heath • May 1, 1984

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