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Vaginal/vulval massage techniques

To get things going, here’s a great video by Candace Johnson about some game-changing massage techniques that is sure to bring your lovemaking skills to the next level.  We hope this knowledge will eventually start to spread far and wide in our society—human sexuality is a due for a major upgrade.
(Be sure to also read our posts about clitoral stem massage and vestibular bulb massage!)

English and French subtitles available.
Shareable URL:  http://vtype.org/

Note: please always pay close attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of your hands and especially the state of your nails, or even better, use nitrile gloves with a generous amount of lubricant for optimal protection.

Coming soon: high-tech massage techniques—both internally and externally—using sex toys.


See also: Clitoral Stem MassageVestibular Bulb Massage

Highlands Labs • February 8, 2015

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