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Clitoral Bulb Massage

“Now the vestibular bulbs are like two big fat parentheses.  They’re underneath the outer lips, there’s one on either side, and the bottom part of them, which is very fat and bulbous, is on either side of the vaginal opening.  But they run up along the sides and they actually attach to the shaft of the clitoris.

They’re underneath the outer lips [labia majora], and they like firm, raw stimulation.  You know how sometimes you’re making out with somebody and they’ve got their thigh pressed up against your whole crotch?  The reason that feels good is that’s stimulating the vestibular bulbs.  And the bulbs are great ‘cause they get huge.  You should have a handful of pussy when you are getting her aroused.  And they’re like a penis.  You just start playing with it, it’s limp and it just puffs up in your hand like the Pillsbury Doughboy.  When they get really big and puffy, the sensations around the vaginal opening are better, and it also is connected to the clitoris.

When I first started having sex I did not have orgasms from intercourse, and over half of women don’t have orgasms from intercourse.  Now there’s a number of reasons why that is so, but one of the reasons is because we don’t know about the bulbs.  And if you don’t know about them and if you don’t play with them and they don’t get big and puffy and erect, then it’s not going to feel as good when you have something inside your vagina.”

Sheri Winston

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