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Clitoral Fatigue

“Essentially, if you are stimulating her clitoris to the point where she orgasms and then is too sensitive for additional stimulation, she’s experiencing clitoral fatigue.  For women who are actively enjoying their sex life with you BUT they get too sensitive to want another orgasm, here’s what’s likely happening.

Whatever you two are doing to stimulate her to orgasm is putting too much focus and attention on the stimulation of her clitoral glans.  The glans, or head, is just the tip of the iceberg.  The glans is covered by the hood and that is all that is visible of the clitoral structure.   The structure includes a shaft as well as two wings or “crura” and two bulbs.  The shaft, wings and bulbs are buried inside her and need time and stimulation to become engorged and carry her onto a plateau of arousal where she wants to get off multiple times.

By spending more time spreading her arousal throughout her body, by kissing her, playing with her breasts and nipples, by giving her a sensual massage before touching her clitoris, you will engorge much more erectile tissue throughout her body.  Then as you touch her vulva, you start from the outside and work your way in, just teasing her clitoris as you are engorging her vestibular bulbs and labia.”

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